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Construction design is getting more and more complicated, and Building Consent documentation puts a significant burden on the designer.

This web site offers some tools that help the designer with some simple, but otherwise time consuming design tasks. The aim is to make your design work easier. More calculation tools will be added to this site over time. So please provide your feedback.

At this stage the use of the site is free of charge.

Some words about my background: My name is Albrecht Stoecklein. I have worked as a researcher and consultant on energy and building matters for the past 15 years. I have an MSc in Physics from Heidelberg and Oldenburg Universities in Germany, and have an Energy Management Diploma from the Central Institute of Technology. Previously I worked at various overseas universities, at BRANZ and at Right House.

If you want to contact me regarding this website please e-mail me at designnavigator@gmail.com or ring me on 021 2622099.